You #2 – Miss You

I was sitting at a bar, with three very unlikely bar companions, listening to a band playing live music.  It felt like just another normal night in the city of insanity, where its dwellers indulge in making money during the day and enjoy what money has to offer during the night.

I was on my third drink, the band was playing classic rock songs, and I was chatting it up with my unlikely bar companions.  I was discussing the band’s quality with one of them, and explaining, essentially, what music is, with another.

Then they played that song.

It didn’t strike me right away.  But when they reached the chorus, I felt a strange sensation, somewhere in my heart, and it manifested itself into a strong emotion.  A sense of longing to be with someone.  A feeling I haven’t experienced in quite a while.

I miss you more than I would admit.

It’s stupid.  It’s uncalled for, and it’s completely unecessary.  Why do I feel like this about you? Just when I thought I have wiped you from my head, you pop back up like a lightbulb, shining in my face as if to say “I’m right here!”

Our magic was so long ago I can barely remember.  Sometimes I wonder if there was any magic at all, or if it was more of a split-second spark.

I shouldn’t miss you, not for a second.  There’s nothing about you that I should miss.  I should hate you, really.  But that’s not what I’m feeling right now.

Oh well.


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