You #3 – Thank You

Thank You.

In a two-week span during which I haven’t exactly been too joyous, and even borderline depressed (except for one miraculous moment), you brought me life.

You acted as a reminder that I am still able to interact with people your age, or my age. It keeps me sane. I have no friends here, none that’s around my age anyway. That’s why our chat, however short it was, meant the world to me. I hope we can be friends and have more chats.

I’m a pretty sentimental guy and sometimes I over think or over dramatize things. It was just a meet-up, but in all honesty it did mean a lot to me, probably more than to you, because of the aforementioned reasons.

Recently I heard character from a famous TV show say “you’re not good at relationships because you don’t value them.” I think I’ve made that mistake before. But I’m trying to change, for the better, I hope.


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