Six Dreams, One Night

I slept for 15 hours and I dreamt 6 times… 6 that I can recall. The experience was so exquisite that I didn’t want it to end. But alas, I had to wake up. Here’s a recollection of what I can remember.

Dream #1 “Made out with a friend”
It was a crowded party at what looked quite a bit like a certain friend’s house. We were seated next to each other in the living room. She and I are casual friends. By casual friends I mean that when we see / run into each other we have decently engaging conversations, but we don’t really go out of our ways to talk to each other, which I don’t really understand because she’s so awesome.

Being casual friends, we chatted casually. We have sort of somewhat similar political / societal views, and both of us being political science / arts students, it was easy for us to find something to talk about.

Although I didn’t see anything specific, I’d assume that alcohol was consumed at the party. I looked away for a second, when I looked back at her, she had stopped talking and looked at me, then at my lips. Then she leaned in a little. I took the cue and our lips touched. The kissing went from gentle to passionate within seconds, and then I left the dream… fuck you, subconscious.

Dream #2 “Chased a steep zig zag mountain cable car… with my bare hands”
I was at a huge resort, or something like that, where the main attraction is a gigantic cable car / gondola thing. Apparently, the mountain is so steep that the cable car cannot go straight up and down the mountain, but has to zig zag like roads do.

I stood at the platform where the cars were leaving to go downhill. It felt like standing at the top of the gondola platform in Banff, but ten times the height. I saw a car leave, and for whatever reason, I had a huge urge to chase after that car. The catch was, apparently I didn’t feel like waiting for the next car to come along. I jumped, onto the wires and began sliding down the wire, chasing the car. No, I did not know how the mechanics / physics of it worked, that’s the cool part…

Dream #3 “Asian DDR”
Watched some asian guy played DDR… except that the buttons on the floor are chinese characters.

It was a very dimly-lit restaurant / lounge / club thing. Beside the dancefloor was a big DDR machine. Some asian guy got on the arcade machine and people began telling him to play at the most difficult level, which he did.

It felt kind of normal, even the game, until the symbols began coming up for dancing to match. Apparently they were chinese words, and the guy had to ‘write’ those same words using the DDR dancing floor pad. It was freakishly awesome when I watched it, but it made no logical sense at all. No one can write Chinese characters that fast, let alone ‘assembling’ them on foot.

Dream 4#, “Poker”
Worked as a dealer in a heads-up poker game, deal like 10 cards on the board. The players looked like two of my poker friends. There was a big crowd that surrounded the table.

Dream #2, part 2
It’s part 2 because in between the gondola dreams I dreamt of something else. So it turned out that I let the car get away. I have no recollection of the chasing process. All I knew was that when I was sent back into that dream setting, I was dangling from one of the gondola wire, at least fifteen feet from the ground. Then two of my friends from intramural football showed up from nowhere and were standing beneath me. They told me to let go come down. At first I was reluctant, but then I let go and fell to the ground, and I was fine…

Dream #5 “Big Party”
Hosted a massive party in a not so big house (didn’t look like my own, though). Some guy asked for music, and I asked the host (one of my best friends) if he could play some music through the in-house PA system (yes, the house has a built-in PA). It was obvioulsy way too crowded in there, but it was a fun party.

Dream #6 “Big Party II”
The morning after the party, when it was still dark, I had to drive (didn’t look like my own car, actually might’ve been right-wheeled). I drove out of a cul-de-sac that looked somewhat familiar to a place I saw years ago. The next thing I know, I made a wrong turn and ended up in the United States… The city might’ve been New York or some big city like that. I asked some guy on the street for directions and the conversation went something like this:

Me: Excuse me! Am I in America?
Guy: Oh yea, you’re in the US alright.
Me: Oh, [laughs]. Um, how do I go back to Canada?
Guy: Just go straight up on Hamilton avenue and you’ll be back in Canada”.

I have no idea what / where Hamilton Avenue is. Earlier in the night I watched the film “The Terminal” and Tom Hanks mentioned Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. That was as close as it got.

If these are the dreams I get when I get kind of (but not actually) sick, please don’t let me get better.


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