You#5 – Wow, You…

Honestly, when the event that sparked this post occurred, my mind was just about made up on naming it “I hate you”. But after calming myself, I realize that it’d be ridiculously childish of me to employ such a vicious word for what I’m about to say, hence ‘wow…’

Having just finished a delicious dinner in a city I’m visiting for the very first time, I told the others at the table I wanted a coke to wash down the food, but didn’t want to order it at there because of the price. The solution we ended up with involved me getting my fix at the convenience store next to the restaurant while they tried to catch a cab.

I entered and walked straight to the back, where the coolers were. It didn’t hit me right away as I was trying to decide between Pepsi and Coke.

Then I heard the song.

It’s the song that I’ve heard you sing at the karaoke, twice. You always run out of breath and couldn’t complete a full sentence, but it’s not your fault. The song features some of the longest lyrics without breathing breaks I’ve heard.

I was rattled, like when I heard the song at the bar in “You #2”. But this time the perturbedness was quickly replaced by annoyance, and slight anger. This is one of those rare occasions where my song-recognizing talents actually pissed me off.

I’ve thought of you less and less in recent months, rarely if ever. So it annoyed me even more when the song played.

Did you really make that big of an impact on my life? Yes, but only because I haven’t gotten myself out often enough for someone to take your place.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we stopped talking for a few years, and then all of a sudden we run into each other in an unexpected location.

That’d surely be a ‘wow moment’.


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