Karaoke is Stupid

It is the most popular pastime in Hong Kong. Originating from Japan, the idea of singing your favorite songs in front of a TV screen inside a room has grown to be the favorite pastime of a lot of Hong Kong people, particularly the young.

Karaoke adds nothing to one’s well-being, intellect, wisdom, etc. And yes, while I’m already hearing people say “well sometimes people just need to do things that aren’t constructive but for fun,” there are ways to indulge in the art of music that doesn’t require paying someone money to rent a space and sing in front of the television screen where you don’t even have to memorize the lyrics because all you need to do is follow them on the screen.

Here’s a thought: instead of singing in front of a TV screen, why not devote that time to actually learn an instrument so you can perform the song yourself? And don’t say that instruments are expensive. Assuming a person goes to karaoke 6 times a year and pays 200 bucks each time, that’s 1200 already. Add a little on top of that and you can get a cheap guitar and start strumming chords. It’s not that hard.

Perhaps I’m merely tackling a small part of a larger problem that the young generation of Hong Kong people have, which is not having an actual hobby other than playing with their cell phones.


1 thought on “Karaoke is Stupid

  1. I agree with you!I got this friend of mine who does nothing but go to a Karaoke bar to sing and I get bored of it.When I want to go out to a bar,I would rather go and watch a live band or go dancing.From my experience,most of the people I see getting up in front of a TV screen to sing have a boring and lonely life.

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