Starcraft Diary #5 – The 7 1/2 Minute DT Rush in Bronze / Silver

I know, I know. I know that Day9 says that the fastest possible Dark Templar, if one were to rush straight to it, should be around 7 minutes. But for those of us in Bronze and Silver leagues who do not possess a 100+ effective APM, remember this: you opponents’ skills aren’t that much better than yours, therefore a DT that arrives at 7:30 might do just as much damage as a 7 minute DT at a Diamond league or above.

I know because I just won three games with it.

Again, I won’t go into the technicalities of making DTs. The important thing, though, is figuring out which building(s) you should go for first when your DTs run into your opponent’s base.

As I use this strategy primarily against Zerg (because: 1. Terran often walls in their ramp and can scan to take out the DTs while they are hacking away at the supply depots, and; 2. Lower league Protoss players very often likes to make photon cannons, which often keeps them from losing and they don’t even know it.), if you see that a Lair’s already finished, there’s no point in taking it out because an overseer is coming even if you kill it. I actually made the error of going for the lair first and almost lost that game.

Instead, I would suggest going for either the roach warren or the spawning pool, here’s why: If your zerg opponent is being DT rushed, even if they get an overseer, they might elect to just go for a base trade. Regardless of whether or not you are able to defend the army headed to your base, you can make the most of your DTs by taking out the structure that allows your opponent to reinforce his army, in this case the roach warren and the spawning pool.

Finally, even if the DT rush fails, because this is lower league play, your opponent is more often than not intimidated by your aggression and will be less aggressive. One thing to note, though, is of course: if you see cheese, you might want to cheese back. Don’t be surprised if your zerg opponent tries a nydus network, or rush to mutas, after your DT rush.

In the mean time, glhf!


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