Starcraft Diary #7 – Getting Sick of Losing… Time to Cheese

Are you sick of losing to Starcraft 2? Have you been trying all kinds of different builds, improve on your macro, and trying to get the appropriate army composition to for the mid to late game, only to lose game after game? I have a suggestion.

It’s time to cheese.

Without getting to ‘meta’ or abstract, what is cheese anyway? It’s a subjective concept. As long as you win games with it, it’s a good strategy. The only reason why cheese is labeled so is because the ‘cheeser’ will be economically behind his opponent if his attack fails.

But, at the same time, honestly, many players in Bronze, Silver, and Gold leagues aren’t very good at defending ‘cheese’ strategies such as 6 pool, 4-Gate, Cannon-rush, or Proxy Rax, so why not use them to win games?

Plus, after seeing GEGTGaulzi cannon rush in Day9 Daily #455, the cannon rush can be viewed as a perfectly legitimate pro strategy. In the daily, Day9 mentions that while most cannon rush videos submissions were fails, a pro like gaulzi is proof that high-level cannon rushes are done with amazing micro skills.

My point is to be good at cannon rush you actually need a high skill level. The same could be said of the 4 gate. For lower to mid level players, it’s actually quite hard to have a 4 gate ready and reach your opponent’s base in under 6 and a half minutes, let alone 6. And if you do, you are guaranteed to win more than lose.

So, if you are sick of losing with macro and micro in the mid-late game, cheese away! As per my hatred for the Zerg race, specifically the mutalisk, I plan to cheese every game against Zerg in the near future.

In the meantime, glhf!


Starcraft Diary #6 – Thoughts on Day9 Daily #447

I’m not going to summarize Day9’s comments or content here. That’s not the point of this post. What I do want to note, though, is the essence of what Day9 was getting at in the epic 4 part daily.

Throughout the process of talking through organization and execution of builds by several players, what Day9 points out in almost every case is the importance of scouting and knowing what the opponent is up to. For example, several times in the Daily he stresses that ‘this build works best against a fast-expanding Protoss, so if you check and see no expansions, [forget the build order and] do whatever you can do stay alive.

In other cases, he says outright that he would have preferred the player to have done more ‘checking’. In other words, knowing what the opponent is up to is the most important thing, not just for to make a point for this daily, but for me, in the whole game.

Starcraft is a reactionary game. Knowing what to do when faced with different situations works in tandem with taking the initiative and being aggressive. By constantly scouting your opponents, you will gradually figure out, intuitively, what unit composition to get.

For example, as a Protoss player, if I see mass roach or mass marauder coming, forget everything! Chrono boost out as many immortals as you can! If you haven’t got a Robotics facility, get one, and get immortals, because roaches are strong against gateway units, and marauders even more so.

Plus, knowing what your opponent is doing through scouting gives you confidence in your own build and makes you feel in control. So scout often, and win more games!